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Comparisons to Other Firms
Big Charts - If you click on "stock sectors" in the "surf the markets" banner, you'll be able to get a list of companies in a certain SIC (but they have the names of the SICs nicely categorized so you don't have to know the number). - This site offers a news summary of developments in the business community.
Peerscape - [Fee-based] From Deloitte & Touche, this site allows you to download long comparative analyses, where various ratios are plotted against the ratio of those companies in a peer group (which appear to be based on SIC code and size). You can also select the companies you want to be compared against each other, and the report will be generated. This site is expensive, but you can get a week's trial for free. They've also got some foreign companies in their database. The reports here are all in PDF, so you need to download Adobe Acrobat first.
Quicken - When you pull up a company, you can get a list of all its competitors.
Stocksmart - [Fee-based] This site compares the forward P/E ratio to the average for that industry on the main page. On the industry comparison page, you get a list of all companies in that industry/subindustry along with the market cap, P/E and stock quote data. You can sort by P/E or by market cap. Note that while most sites compute P/E based on historical earnings, this site uses estimated future P/Es.

Delayed Quotes and Graphs
Big Charts - Charts and Quotes of US Stocks (mutual funds and indices too), from one month to a decade.
Charles Schwab - This site is run by the big discount brokerage. Free charts, including intraday charts, which are updated every minute (although delayed 20 minutes).
E-Trade - This discount brokerage offers very nice, colorful stock charts with 50 and 200 day moving averages, as well as additional data about the company.
IQ Chart - Technical charts, with moving averages, bollinger bands and candlestick.
MarketWatch - This Dow Jones offerring is a leading provider of business news, financial information and analytical tools.
NASDAQ - The Stock Market for the next 100 years. Price information for NASDAQ stocks. Also provided are the address and telephone numbers, as well as the corporate logos.
PC Quote - The usual data. Also gives size of last sale, and size of bid and ask (if applicable). - A free website for investors where people can get quotes, charts, & news on specific stocks and the equity markets in general.
Stock Tools - Provides links to numerous websites which offer security market information.
StockMaster - Stock price and volume for US publicly-traded stocks. Also gives a very nice graph of the daily price during the past year, and graphs it against a scaled S&P 500 average. Volume chart is also given
Wall St. City - Lots of nice graphs, from 1 day to 10 years. You can graph up to 10 stocks simultaneously. Also has quotes. For a fee, a lot of fundamental data and historical quotes are available.
Yahoo Quote - Offers prices of underlying options as well as the normal information on each company.
Yahoo! quote server - Another stock quote server, providing pretty much the same data as APL. Also provided are company profiles and recent news about the company (see above section).

Earnings Estimates and Analysts Reports
INVESTools - [Fee-based]. Has research reports from various analysts that can be purchased on-line. You can search for free, and that'll tell you the prices for various reports, which must then be downloaded in PDF.
Quicken - This site contains earnings estimates from I/B/E/S.
Stocksmart - [Fee-based] Doesn't indicate how many estimates were used for the consensus. But it does compare the forward P/E of a company with the average forward P/E of all companies in that industry.
Thomson Research - [Fee-based] Reported to provide the most comprehensive collection of critical company information and analyst research reports from over 980 of the world's leading firms and covering more than 30,000 companies worldwide.
Wall St. Research Net - Gives earnings estimates provided by Zack's and Standard & Poor's.
Yahoo Finance - Has Zack's earnings information (last quarter, last quarter's surpirse, next quarter and next fiscal year's estimates). Also tells how many brokers are recommending as a strong buy, buy, hold, etc.
Yahoo Finance - When you retrieve a stock quote in Yahoo Finance, go to profiles, and you will see a link to Upgrade/Downgrade history. Click on that, and you'll get some recent upgrade and downgrade information. I don't know how current Yahoo and Norby are, but both these sites don't appear to be totally current (perhaps they can't publish right away?)
Zack's Company Report - Earnings estimates from Zack's. Average estimate, number of brokers, and a breakdown of how the brokers recommend the stock (e.g., buy, sell, strong buy, etc.). You also get the current quarter's estimates and last quarter's surprise.

General Information
Alacra Store - [Fee-based] The company provides a diverse portfolio of authoritative databases along with proprietary solutions that enable clients to quickly find, analyze, package and present mission-critical business information. Types of business information available include company fundamentals and financials, credit research, earnings estimates, economic data, filings, market and investment research and news.
Annual Reports - From this site, you can order annual reports for many US companies, and they'll be sent via mail for free. Of course, you could also call the company directly, although using this site will probably be easier. 10-K reports filed with the SEC usually have more hard data, but annual reports are certainly formatted better, and they have pictures, nice paper, etc. For exhaustive information about annual reports, check out
Daily Stocks - Type in a ticker or name, and then you get links to many of the sites listed here, but instead of linking to the main menu page, it links directly to the page that concerns that particular company.
Hoover's Handbook Online - Capsules for over 13,000 U.S. (and some international) firms are available for free. Data provided include sales, employees, CEO, CFO, address, telephone, and a brief description of what the businesses do. Additional information is available for a certain fee. There's also a brief write-up on each company.
INVESTools - This is a good page. You have to register, and for some of the things it offers, you have to spend money (they take plastic). There's a lot of good data that are free, however. Some of it is linked directly from Marketguide, but there are also things here you cannot find elsewhere.
Investor Guide - Enter in a ticker symbol, and you get a list of links to some of the other sites listed here, but you get a link to the page that concerns the company, not the welcome page.
IPO Data Company Profiles - IPO Data Company Profiles
Lycos Investing - Has profiles, earnings estimates, charts, quotes and news: very similar to Yahoo's quote service. - Quotes, news articles, earnings estimates and charts.
Mr. Edgar - Another Edgar mirror. In fact, this looks like it is powered by Free Edgar.
PR Newswire - Recent news releases from many (but certainly not all) public companies. These press releases are also available on the Yahoo server, but this sites appears to keep longer archives, and also seems to be a few minutes faster posting the new releases than Yahoo is.
Quicken - A very nice site for researching companies -- provided are snapshots, news, quotes, charts, earnings estimates, financial statements and a list of competitors.
Reuters - General securities market information along with quotes and charts on specific stocks.
SEC's Edgar - 10-K Wizard - Allows full text (And fast) searches of company filings. Great if you are looking for a particular person, or a specific brand or product or whatever!
SEC's Edgar Site - This site contains information that publicly traded companies in the United States are required by law to submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Until May 6, 1996, companies had the option of filing electronically, and some did not do this. A large quantity of useful information is provided in company filings, which can often be hundreds of pages in length. Useful filings include 10-Ks, which are filed annually and 10-Qs, which are filed quarterly. Note that the SEC's search form is extremely unreliable: for instance, if you lookup "market", you don't find Market Guide [the company], but if you enter "guide", then you find Market Guide. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you use one of the following sites, as they carry the same data, but allow you to find it reliably.
Short Interest for NYSE Stocks is at Bigcharts - At Big Charts, you can get a list of the 100 NYSE stocks with the largest short interest ratio. Updated once per month.
Stock Selector - This site has some good stuff: a bar chart (with values) for the last five years' EPS, and projected for the next five years (although I am dubious about the accuracy of anything that long term). It also provides the date of the next scheduled earnings release. Also has summary financial statements, and lots of financial ratios vis-à-vis the industry.
Stock Smart - [Fee-based] This site used to be one of the best free sites, but I guess they finally decided to start charging for their information. Look for other sites to do the same. Anyway, when they were free, they offered P/E ratios, and comparisons to the industry, but used forward earnings (i.e., estimates) in their computations. They also had some basic information, news, and ownership information.
The Fortune 500 - Provided by, this site lists the largest 500 corporations in the United States. You can view the big 500 as ranked by assets, sales, or profits. Information available includes profits, sales, profit growth, sales growth, etc. This page also has the Fortune 1000, and lets you download the list to Excel.
Yahoo! Finance - Quotes, charts, profiles from Market Guide, recent news articles, message boards to discuss stocks and Zack's earnings estimates are available for publicly traded companies. The news archive here is one of the best free news archive anywhere (contains Reuters, Business Wire and PR Newswire), and this is also a great site for quotes. Companies are selected by typing in tickers: if you don't know the ticker, this site has a very good look-up feature. This site also links to some SEC filings. When you type in a ticker symbol, you get recent news articles below the stock price. However, if you click "News", you often get additional news articles.
ZD Net Inter@ctive Investor - Another good site for research: provides quotes, charts, news, financials (including the last few quarters all on one screen), and a list of competitors.

Historical Data
Big Charts - From their historical data section, you can get the price for any one day going back to at least 1988. You'll get the actual price and the split adjusted price. This is great if you are trying to figure out your actual capital gains, or if you need a price of some security on a certain date. Note that you cannot download the entire history, but this site appears to go back in time much further than most other sites listed here (and if you only need one date, this is a good place to go).
Historical Data for S&P Stocks - Historical prices for most stocks in the S&P 500 index, going back to April 1997. One year's worth of data will eventually become available.
MSN MoneyCentral Investor - From the Redmond crowd, this site -- like countless others -- offers quotes and graphs. However, after viewing a historical graph, you can hit "see table" and get a table with the daily prices and volumes. You can specify the range (going back to at least 1995) and the interval. However, there's no open (making it difficult to do candlestick charts. Open is not always the previous close). You have to download some program to look at the data.
NASDAQ - The official site for the stockmarket of the next 100 years. If you graph a stock here, you can then click on the graph and get the data (close plus volume -- no open, high or low, so candlestick charts aren't going to be possible). This site has data only for NASDAQ stocks, but it goes back five years (which means that some of the quotes are older than the web itself).
StockTools - Provides open, high, low, close and volume for the past 12 months for US and Canadian stocks.

Ownership Information
InsiderTrader - Has last 13 months of 144 and Form 4 data available for free. Other information is available for a fee.
Stocksmart - [Fee-based] They provide the latest ownership SEC filings -- mainly 13-Gs, and 13-G/As. They used to list, in a table, the top 50 institutional shareholders, but it looks like they've eliminated that feature. Maybe they'll bring it back sometime.
The SEC Edgar Database - This site (the first one listed on this page, along with various mirrors and reformatters) offers filings that companies and large owners are obligated to file. Note that the SEC doesn't have every form that the companies are obligated to file via paper, but they do have Proxy statements (14As) which state what the insiders own. However, 14As are only filed once per year. There are other documents here as well (such as some 13-D and 13-G forms) that provide useful information about ownership.
Yahoo Quotes - Yahoo now offers details about insider trades. To see this, type in a company's ticker symbol, then select Profile, and then select Insider Trades. You'll see all the purchases and sales of stocks by insiders, and the broker used, if applicable. It appears as if Yahoo is trying to become a total one stop shop for US Stock information.

Research Mag - Has a stock screening criteria which is fairly similar to that offered by stock screener. Also allows you to graph several stocks on the same graph so you can see how they've performed in relation to the other.
Stock Screener - From Hoover's. This is really a good site if you want to screen stocks based on many different criteria, including price/book, P/E, growth rates, size, ratios, etc. One of the best sites for screening. Also, when you get the list of companies, one click gives you the profiles provided by Hoover's. You can also restrict your search to a particular industry (which might be useful).
Stock Selector - Allows general or industry-specific screening on price/book, analyst recommendations, P/E, PEG, dividend yield, five year estimate Earnings growth rate and five year historic growth rate.
StockTools - From this site, you can choose stocks based on criteria, including the industry. Other criteria are P/E, volatility, Yield, shares outstanding, market cap, price, change in price, and others.

FAO Brief - Country profile by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (Adobe Acrobat Required.)

Useful Information
12MANAGE - Free e-learning community on management. Interactive online encyclopedia of management methods and terms.
AESC/ - is the largest online global community of senior executives and the only career management service providing executives continual exposure to the world's top search firms. As an exclusive service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, enables executives to efficiently and confidentially remain accessible to all member firms of the AESC, the worldwide professional association for the retained executive search industry.
Bank of NY ADR Profiles - Nice, two page profiles on ADRs (i.e., foreign stocks in the United States). These are in PDF, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
List of American Depository Receipts - Provided by the Bank of New York, this is a complete list of ADRs. (ADRs are foreign shares deposited with an American Institution, and the receipts trade on US exchanges). This list gives the issuer, CUSIP #, exchange, issue code, ratio of actual shares per receipt, country of issue, industry and the depository. The file is over 200k.
Securities Class Action Suits - This site allows you to search through securities class action lawsuits filed since December 22, 1995. If you want to research other legal issues with companies, check out the
Top 100 Advertisers - Find out all about the 100 companies that spent the most on advertising, including where they spent it and who their agency was.

Industry Overview
AESC/ - is the largest online global community of senior executives and the only career management service providing executives continual exposure to the world's top search firms. As an exclusive service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, enables executives to efficiently and confidentially remain accessible to all member firms of the AESC, the worldwide professional association for the retained executive search industry.

Other Industry Research Links for United States
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